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Some of the most refined electric bikes on the market are mid-drives, meaning the motor is in the middle of the bike, instead of on the front or rear wheel.

Until recently, if you wanted a mid-drive electric bike you were limited to buying a factory-made e-bike with either a Bosch, Shimano STEPS or Yamaha motor, all offering only pedal-assist. If you wanted a powerful bike, your only choices were a $10,000+ American bike, like the Optibike or the Hanebrink.  Our mid-drive kits offer both pedal-assist as well as throttle. 

We tried several mid-drive kits one summer, which allow for electric conversion that’s even more powerful than the factory designed mid-drive bikes.  We have installed these on commuter bikes as well as cargo bikes with internal hubs such as NuVinci, Shimano & Sturmey-Archer. 

See the mid-drive motors on a PHEW bikes, or come try one of our current demos.

As one of our customers, Julie, says... I used to dread my commute. Now I relish it!



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