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sustainable habits

sustainable habits at phew

Office & Shop

  • Bike to work - Most of our staff bikes in. This reduces the carbon footprint of each commute as well as conserves energy and resources.
  • Energy conservation - We aim to use daylight as much as possible, and switch off our energy efficient lights and space heaters when not around. Our heat is turned way down at night. Ceiling fans reduce the need for air conditioning
  • Renewable energy - The shop is subscribed to the Energy Cooperative's EcoChoice100 program, which means 100% Pennsylvania-made renewable energy. 99% from wind, and 1% from solar. Our ceiling fans are powered by dedicated solar panels, which double up as awnings over our front door. 
  • Buy office products with maximum post-consumer recycled content. These include paper, folders, pens made from recycled plastic and recycled steel paper clips, all from a York PA company: Green Line Paper
  • Recycle our printer cartridges.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for electronics.
  • Use a digital camera to reduce unnecessary printing and toxic processing chemicals.
  • Use mostly second-hand furniture.
  • Properly dispose of non-working electronics and rechargeable batteries.

Lunch / Kitchen / Company Events

  • Use non-disposable items such as dishes, flatware, glasses, cloth napkins and rags. Wash with eco-safe detergents.
  • Compost food scraps. Come see our bucket pannier / compost bucket to get the compost home! 
  • Use filtered tap water and avoid bottled water.
  • Eat outside whenever comfortable to improve mood and productivity.
  • Eat organic and/or locally-sourced food when possible. If eating non-vegetarian, we try to use local products from animals that are humanely treated and pasture/grass-fed.
  • Eat items from our own veggie garden when in season.

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