Commuting in the Snow

My first day at Philly Electric Wheels, and my twenty-mile round trip commute, happened to coincide with the first winter storm of the year. During the day, thick clumps of snow drifted down as customers, neighbors, and friends circulated in and out of the shop. By the end of the business day, the sun had set and the snow continued.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test a headlight, so Afshin sent me out into the storm with the Cateye EL530 headlight, a one-LED powerhouse producing a bright 1,500 candlepower beam that cut through the dark and made other road users aware of my presence as the snow swirled and the wind blustered around me. Cateye’s quick release light mount made it easy to detach the light so I could illuminate snow-splattered street signs as I tried to find my way back home.

Finally the snow dwindled into a light drizzle and I found myself on familiar streets. By now I was accustomed to the cold and took my time admiring low clouds swirling around the tall buildings of Center City and dawdled through the darkened streets of South Philly until at last I arrived at my crumbling row house. All the while the Cateye headlamp provided a strong, steady beam undaunted by the cold, wet night.

If you’re looking for a waterproof headlamp that packs a lot of power for dark winter evenings, come down to the shop and check out the EL530.