New Bike: The Torker T450E

We just got a new bike in the shop- the Torker T450E. The bike is designed differently than many electric bikes out there and that’s what we like about it.

Afshin with the new Torker.

At first glance, what I notice most about the bike is its clean, simple look.  All of the cables and wires are routed through the bike’s frame and the compact battery is integrated nicely into the rear cargo rack. The front hub motor is also much more compact than many others, and the five-speed gear system is contained within the rear hub.  This all adds up to a tidy look that many people don’t realize is an electric bike.

Aesthetics aside, the bike delivers with components as well. It comes with a five-speed rear hub with internal gears, which is much more durable and easier to maintain than external gear systems. The motor is set up to assist while the rider is pedaling, with a thumb throttle control to provide additional power if needed.

The five-speed Sturmey-Archer rear hub

The controls, including the LED battery guage and thumb throttle at left.

The Litium-ion battery and 180-watt motor are both lighter than most, contributing to the bike’s 44 lb. overall weight. This is around 10 to 15 pounds lighter than most electric bikes. The bike has less power than some of the heavier bikes we sell, but the tradeoff is worthwhile if a lighter, more maneuverable bike is important to you.

At $1500, the bike is priced very competitively considering its high-quality components and construction. The bike comes in several sizes including a smaller 15-inch step-through frame and a standard frame in 17- and 19-inch sizes. We have one in stock ready for you to take on a test ride so stop in at 550 Carpenter Lane in Mt. Airy and check it out.

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