We’re Now a Trek Ride Plus Dealer

It’s official: starting in March Philly Electric Wheels will be stocking bikes from Trek’s Ride+ electric assist bike line. Trek really did their homework in designing the bikes, and they all seem like excellent offerings. The electric technology is provide by Bionx, who design some of the best electric bike kits available. The bikes all come with features like regenerative braking, power-generating modes, integrated light systems, and lightweight batteries.  All of Trek’s electric bikes come with triple cranks, which provides the bikes with a lot more gear range than most other electric bikes. If you don’t know what any of that means, take a look at Trek’s Ride+ site. Rest assured that Trek is doing it right.

Trek is offering three models, two of which come in both step-through and standard frames. They’re all modified versions of existing Trek models, so they’re all well-proven designs.  Anyway, here they are.


The Valencia+ is Trek’s most heavy-duty commuter, coming stocked with disc brakes and full-coverage fenders that make all-weather commuting safer and less messy.


The FX+ is based on Trek’s flat-handlebar road bike and is the lightest of the Ride+ bikes. It comes with a carbon fiber fork to lighten things up and would make a great choice for general fitness riding and commuting. THe FX+ also comes in a step-through Women’s Specific Design frame.


This bike is set up for comfort, with an upright riding position and a front suspension fork to smooth out the ride. There’s also a step-through frame available.

Right now we have all three models in the store set up and ready to ride, so come down and see what Trek has to offer.

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