Bicycle Touring, couch surfing, and ways to meet strangers

This past weekend I played host to a couple of young guys who were cycling across the US to raise money for autism research. Will and Alex are from Kenya and London, respectively, and had never been bicycle touring or even visited the US before embarking on their trip.

From Philadelphia 2009-2010

Their blog is here, where you can read more about their cause and check on their progress across the the US.

It was interesting meeting these guys for a couple of reasons.  For one, I have been the guest of many random people while bicycle touring so it was gratifying for me to turn the tables and do my best to provide some bike tourists with food, beer and shelter.

The other cool part about the interaction is that they found me through a website called Couch Surfing, which connect allows travelers to search for people willing to host them. The idea is to help travelers get acquainted with where they’re visiting, save them some money, and for hosts and travelers to meet new, interesting people from all over the world.

It definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re game to host or be hosted by a perfect stranger, I recommend it.

So check out if you want to follow Will and Alex or donate to their cause.