Volkswagen and Lexus explore E-bike concepts

Aside from being a recreational tool, electric bikes are emerging as effective tools for transportation. Here at PHEW, we see e-bikes as commuting machines and most of our bikes come with full fenders, cargo racks and lights to make them as functional and practical as possible.

We also carry some folding bikes, which work great for riders who commute using several forms of transportation. They fold up small enough to be allowed on rush hour trains and subways, and they can be taken on the bus even when its bike rack is full. They also work great for people who travel long distances by car, then also need to travel locally once they arrive, since folding bikes are a cinch to store in a car’s trunk.

The car maker Volkswagen just came out with an electric scooter concept that could make commuting a lot more convenient for many people.

Aside from its interesting look, the VW scooter is innovative because it can be connected to the car’s DC power supply, so the user can charge the scooter while driving to the train station or parking area.

The main catch, of course, is that it is a scooter, meaning that it can’t be pedaled to extend its range or to propel it once the battery is exhausted. This is still a concept though, so hopefully VW will make it a true e-bike if they decide to put it into production.

Moving from the supremely practical to the blatantly frivolous, Lexus displayed a radical new e-bike that features a full carbon fiber frame, belt drive, and twin motors which make the bike all-wheel drive.

The concept was created as a joint venture with motorcycle maker Yamaha, and from the sound of the video report, the bike is more or less made by Yamaha and branded by Lexus.

We doubt that VW and Lexus will be the only car manufacturers to be getting into light electric vehicles, so we’re going to stay tuned to see what else comes out in the future.