We’re now a Dahon Folding Bike Dealer

At PHEW, electric bikes are our specialty, and we want to help people use electric bikes for cleaner, healthier commuting and all-around fun. We aren’t electric-only zealots by any means, though. We recently became a dealer for Dahon, a manufacturer of conventional folding bikes. We chose Dahon because their bikes are simply well-made, easy to use, and fun to ride. They’ve been making folding bikes since the early 1980’s, and it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Dahon makes folding bikes in many different configurations, including urban commuters that fold in seconds to no-compromise folding mountain and touring models. Since we focus on commuting and general urban mobility, we have three models in stock that we feel work best for traveling and storing in the city.

Dahon Mu P8

The Mu is a light aluminum city bike with an eight-speed drivetrain. Some nice features are the nearly flat-proof Schwalbe Marathon tires and the seatpost which conceals an integrated air pump that works just like a standard floor pump.

Dahon Speed D7

The Speed D7 occupies the middle ground in Dahon’s city bike line. It has a steel frame that trades a bit of weight for value and reliability  and is spec’d with a seven-speed drivetrain that offers plenty of versatility for all kinds of terrain. It also comes equipped with full fenders and a rear cargo rack for commuting utility.

Dahon Boardwalk S1

The Boardwalk is the simplest offering from Dahon, with a single speed coaster brake hub that allows for worry-free riding and greatly reduced maintenance. the Boardwalk would be great for trips to, well, the boardwalk, but also would make a great machine for covering short trips to and from the train station or around the neighborhood.

So come down and check out what Dahon has to offer. They ride great, fold really easily, and could be the missing link in your car-free commute or limited-space life.

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  1. Dahon is my favorite folding bike brands. They are really great making the bike. Solid construction, fast folding mechanism and affordable price. :)


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