Trek’s Electric Cargo Bike

Last week I wrote about Trek’s Ride+ Bikes and looked in detail about their Bionx motor and controller system. Trek has also recently announced their electric-assist cargo bike, the Transport+.

The Transport+ is what’s called a ‘longtail’ cargo bike, namely because the rear of the frame has been extended to allow extra space for side-mounted loading platforms and tough nylon bags to contain whatever cargo you can fit on the bike.

This design is very similar to XtraCycle, who has been making longtail conversion kits for some years now and recently teamed up with bike manufacturer Surly to create the Big Dummy cargo bike. The Big Dummy is similar in design to the Transport+ (minus the electric assist, of course) and you can get an idea of what’s possible with this type of design by looking at the wealth of pictures of loaded cargo bikes taken by pround owners.

from commutebybike

from Surly’s blog

The sky is the limit with this cargo bike design- they have  a big carrying capacity, and their design handles just like a regular bike, only longer. Because the bike is so long, the weight is closer to the bike’s center of gravity, which translates into hassle-free handling. The added bonus of the electric assist system means that you can get to your destination quickly and easily while loaded down. Suddenly those short car trips to the grocery store or Home Depot don’t seem to make sense!

The Transport plus also comes with an integrated front and rear lighting system, front disc and rear v-brake for reliable, strong stopping power, and a nifty front porteur-style platform rack.

The bike is slated to arrive at dealers in the fall, and price should fall within range of Trek’s current Ride+ offerings. We are really looking forward to this bike at PHEW and will be sure to let you know when we have one in the store available to demo.

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  1. I’m quite excited about the entry of the Transport+ into the market of electrically-assisted cargo bikes. I write a blog on this topic, and I recently compared the Transport+ to the two other pre-built electric cargo bikes that are currently available, Kona’s Electric Ute and Yuba’s elMundo here: I’m not affiliated with a bike dealer or manufacturer, so I can offer independent reviews and opinions.


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