Sanyo Eneloop: In-Depth

Today we’re going to take a close look a Sanyo’s Eneloop electric bike and highlight some of its unique and innovative features. Sanyo is one of the leaders in the world of rechargable batteries and have engineered the Eneloop bike around a remarkably light and compact lithium-ion battery pack.

The bike also features regenerative braking, an integrated lighting system, and an easy-to-use control panel on the handlebar. Like the Trek Ride+ bikes, Sanyo  relies on a torque sensor which is used to apply a level of assist proportional to the rider’s effort. If you pedal softly, the motor will provide just a bit of power. When you really push hard, the motor will respond with a surge of power to get you up to speed quickly. The assist is controlled by a handlebar-mounted panel that simple and easy to read.

The panel includes a power switch, battery power guage, assist mode selector, and light switch.

The electric power is delivered in three modes: automatic, standard, and power-up. Standard provides a moderate level of assistance, Power-up offers more power (go figure), and automatic chooses the amount of power to use based on the rider’s pedaling effort.

The lighting system includes a bright headlight and taillight that draw power from the battery. The lights can be toggled on or off while riding, and the taillight automatically switches to an extra-visible flashing pattern while the brakes are activated to alert other road users that the rider is slowing down. The motor also switches into regenerative mode when the brake is on, adding some additional charge to the battery and help slow the bike.

The design of the bike itself is modeled after the ultra-practical European city bike with an easy step-through frame, upright handlebars, and a comfortable seat. There is also a three-speed internal-gear hub, sturdy stainless steel rear rack, metal fenders and a bell.

We have the Eneloop bike in stock here at PHEW, and as always we offer free guided test rides to give you an idea of what the bike can do. Come by anytime and we’d be glad to help you out.

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