The East Coast Greenway

There is a bike path in the works that will travel through Philadelphia. Where does it go, you ask? If you take a left, you’ll end up at the Canadian border. Take a right, and you’ll eventually find yourslf in Key West, Florida.

This is the East Coast Greenway, a project to connect existing bicycle paths and create new ones so that there is a continuous, car-free route all the way down the length of the East Coast of the US. Once it’s completed, this will be a great way to make long distance bike touring safer and more convenient  for more people.  Such a route could also be utilized by people who split their time between a job in one city and home in another.

If there is a concert or attraction in New York City, Baltimore, or Washington DC, Philadelphia users could jump on the Greenway and make it into a weekend of stress-free bike travel.

Of course, the Greenway is still far from complete, as the current route utilizes roadways for 76% of its length, while bike paths comprise the remaining 24%. The East Coast Greenway Alliance is working hard to get more bike paths built and are always looking for support. Check their support page to find out ways that you can help make a car-free Greenway a reality.