A Small Glossary of E-Bike Terms

Electric bikes aren’t all that complicated, but there are some terms that you should be familiar with to be an educated e-bike shopper or owner. Here are a few common terms that get tossed around frequently when talking about e-bikes.

Standard Frame refers to bikes that have the traditional frame shape with a high top tube, or as some people refer to as a ‘cross bar’ frame.

Step-Through Frames are frames with a lower top tube, made to facilitate easier boarding of the bike. This design is popular on city bikes and on many e-bikes because they are simply easier to get on and off of.

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries are found on entry level electric bikes such as the eZip Trailz. They are generally heavier and last a shorter time between charges than other battery types, and the overall battery life (number of charges before the battery needs to be replaced) is shorter as well. The upside of SLA batteries is that they are less expensive than other types.

Lithium-Ion Batteries are found on mid- and high-end electric bikes. They are considerably lighter and have a much greater range than SLA batteries. The life of the battery is also much longer than SLA. They are generally more expensive to replace, however, so that should be considered when shopping for a bike.

Pedal-Assist is a form of power delivery wherein the assist is applied automatically while the rider is pedaling. There are usually varying levels of assistance that the rider can choose while riding to moderate the amount of power the motor uses.

Throttle Control uses a motorcycle-style twist grip to moderate motor power without requiring the rider to pedal. This is featured on a few of our bikes, but is mainly found on electric scooters.