E-Bike Conversion Kits

Although we have a wide selection of ready-made electric bikes here at PHEW, there are still customers whose needs aren’t met by factory e-bike models. That’s why we carry electric conversion kits for standard bicycles and tricycles by E-Bike Kit and BionX. These kits come with a hub motor that replaces one of your bike’s wheels, a battery, controller, and all of the necessary wiring.

E-Bike Kit is the more affordable of the two brands, and allows the choice of either a front or rear wheel motor. This is necessary on tricycles with two rear wheels and for bikes that have an internal gear or coaster brake on the rear wheel.  E-Bike Kit offers the choice of an affordable Sealed Lead-Acid battery pack or apremium Lithium-Ion battery for lighter weight, greater range, and longer battery life. These kits are controlled by either a twist or thumb throttle.

BionX is the most advanced electric bike conversion on the market, and with good reason. This kit features a rear-wheel motor with a sensitive torque sensor that measures your power output and applies a proportional level of assistance as you pedal. The effect is smooth, seamless pedaling assistance that feels like a “super-you.” There is also the option for a thumb-operated throttle control if you don’t want to pedal.

BionX also features a great user interface- the handlebar-mounted LCD display allows you to select four levels of pedal assistance on the fly, as well as displaying speed, distance traveled and assistance level. There are also four modes of power generation, where the motor adds resistance and you can actually add power back to the battery as you ride.  BionX includes regenerative braking as well, which switches the generating mode on when the brake is activated.

So if your e-bike needs aren’t met by the production bikes on the market, check out our conversion kits. Both kits that we offer have numerous options for different batteries, power levels, and control type so be sure to inquire. We’ll work with you to pick one that fits your needs and budget.