Electric Motorcycles?!

At PHEW, we deal mainly in light electric vehicles like our bikes and trikes, but I feel like there are some interesting things happening in the world of electric motorcycles that should be mentioned. Much like the world of electric bicycles, tinkerers have been putting together electric motorcycles for a while now, but now there are some bigger manufacturers putting out serious, state of the art motorcycles that are even being used in competition.

Since 2009, the eGrandPrix has served as a venue for electric motorcycle builders to test their designs in competition, and a way for innovative new electric vehicle technology to be tested under rigorous race conditions.

Pictured above is the Motoczysz E1pc (like ‘epic’, get it?), which won the electric class at the highly prestigious TT motorcycle race at the Isle of Man in Britain. It was far and away the fastest in the electric division, and came in just shy of the course’s benchmark 100mph average speed.

While e-motorcycle racing is not the most purposeful step toward a low-carbon lifestyle, I see it as quite a significant positive step for all electric vehicles, e-bikes included. This type of racing draws more attention to the growing versatility that electric vehicles offer, and gets people talking and thinking about how they could use electric transportation.  Because of the competition inherent in such a sport, engineers and designers are going to invest heavily in finding ways to make electric vehicles faster, more efficient, and longer-lasting. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what develops.