More News from the Cargo Bike World

A while ago I mentioned the Trek Transport Plus and wondered what other players in the bike biz would come out with an electric cargo bike. I just found out via that Kona, another major bike manufacturer, has thrown their hat into the ring with the electric version of their popular Ute long-tail cargo bike.

The Ute uses a 250 watt motor to drive the front wheel and a lithium-ion battery mounted under the rear rack. The spec of the bike seems like pretty standard fare, with rack, fenders, triple crank and a big double kickstand. Suggested retail price is around $2600, which makes the Ute a pretty inexpensive way to get onto an electric cargo bike.

make sure to check out for lots of insight on owning an electric cargo bike.  The owner has a BionX-assisted cargo bike, but he shares his views on many different cargo bike configurations.

One interesting option is the StokeMonkey kit, which uses a motor that drives a second chainring on the cranks, much in the same way that a tandem bike connects the front rider (called the captain) with the rear rider (the stoker.) Seems like an interesting design, I wonder if one will ever make its way through our doors.