One thought on “Choosing the Right Electric Bicycle

  1. Hi — my family has one car and that has worked really well for us for awhile — up until the point where we started having our two children in two different schools (our elder child started kindergarten here in our neighborhood). It’s still working for us to use a combination of private car and SEPTA but not nearly as well. So I am wondering if you can make some recommendations on some of these “minivans of the bike world” I’ve read about. I see you have a photo of someone’s converted Yuba on your flickr page and that you plan to offer the electric assist longtail Trek when it’s available. Can you talk some to the pros and cons of each?

    Our family includes two adults, a 5 year old and a toddler, and so I would like to be able to transport at minimum one adult and the two kids plus some baggage (swimsuits to go to the new Kroc Center, grocery shopping at the co-op — that sort of thing). Our offices and our younger child’s daycare are downtown and we live in Germantown so this bike could end up getting used for distances and hill-levels of that sort.

    Could you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different “family bike” options? We of course want to get the best value for our dollar but are also very interested in that “best dollar” including that the bike lasts a long time. And of course I want to be sure the bike is safe if I’m transporting my kids. Me, I’m not so worried about; my kids though…. :) Safety considerations make me wonder about whether conversions (referring both to electric conversion and to longtail conversion kits) would have appropriate braking power with the heavier loads of extra passengers.

    Also, are there additional security measures people with e-bikes take, given the high level of bike theft in Philly and the high expense of the e-bike?

    I’d love to stop in to ask these things in person but when I’m near the shop I always seem to have a child with me whose patience has already been taxed by shopping, etc.



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