PHEW’s Blogger and Mechanic is Moving On

I’ve been working at Philly Electric Wheels for a year now, nearly from the beginning. I remember coming in on my first day when the shop didn’t have so much as a bike repair stand and thinking, “This place is too clean to be a bike shop.”

I soon got my repair stand, and as we built the business the repair area got a truly authentic layer of grime from the many bikes I’ve worked on in the last year. Soon after I started working, we decided to broaden our focus from electric bikes to include repair work and used bike sales and the shop evolved into a neighborhood bike shop where local folks could stop in for some bike repair or advice.

I’m proud to have played a role in getting PHEW off the ground, and I’ve learned a ton about running a bike shop in the process.

Despite all of the great things about working with Afshin and his wife Meenal, my penchant for wandering has got me thinking of moving on. When I finish at PHEW this week I’ll be heading back to my home state of Vermont. I’ll be there until the new year, when some friends and I will be flying to Chile for a bicycle journey that will take us from Santiago to the tip of South America, then up north to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I will be posting updates on the trip at my blog, Anthonywanderedaway. Thanks to all the customers and community members who kept me in a job and made me feel welcome. See you later on down the road.

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