Newbie Cyclist Next Blogger at PHEW

I’ve enjoyed reading Anthony’s posts here and will miss him. I’m a relative newbie at cycling, having spent a quarter century on a swivel chair behind a computer screen and learning to ride a bike only after I turned 40, about 8 years ago. It was the Vatavio, shown below, that convinced me that cycling could actually be fun.

Riding mainly within the City of Philadelphia, I’m to be found on a Sanyo Eneloop pedal-assisted bike, like this:

Now, almost 2 years since I discovered the joy of cycling, I look for excuses and errands that’ll get me pedaling.

Yesterday, I rode in the rain. Not quite ready to invest in rain pants, I ventured out in a yellow poncho, which, when draped over my lap, kept my pants mostly dry. Though I found the rain refreshing on my face, I managed to get my feet wet and quickly returned for a change of clothing.