South Street Bridge Opening

Last Saturday I rode to the Grand Opening of the South Street Bridge. For an hour or two, before opening up to cars, it was open to pedestrians and cyclists. With no cars to worry about, the bridge and ramps leading up to it soon became a playground with the Spiral Q Puppet parade, toddlers on balance bikes, seniors on swivel chairs, folks walking their dogs, parents walking with kids on handlebars, couples on tandems, several recumbants and pedicabs, and yes, at least one electric bike.

A breezy partly cloudy afternoon also resulted in a riveting fashion show.. with real people layered for bike rides and strolls. There seemed to be as many cameras as bicycles present!

The genius behind all this was Jim Campbell of Campbell Thomas & Co, who spearheaded changing a bridge that was to be just an exit ramp off the highway to include bike lanes, sidewalks and more! Thanks, Jim!