PHEW re-opens at new digs on the Avenue

PHEW’s settled at our new digs at 7102 Germantown Avenue, by Mt Pleasant Ave (map). Yes, we have electric bikes. We also have a new line of city bikes, folding bikes, and used bikes for all the people that asked for bikes without electric-assist for their daily commute.

Though we loved the social hub at our old location of Carpenter & Greene, we’re thrilled to be at this location that offers more space, a full basement, and something hard to appreciate right now: air conditioning! Over the last month, we gradually made this space ours. Our first task was to install a programmable thermostat so the space wasn’t being heated when no one was around. The next task was to empty the space of stuff left behind by prior occupants which turned out to be quite an archeological dig, since it used to be…

  1. a Democratic Campaign office, fondly known as the local Obama office – circa 2005-2010
    • Several printers and monitors were brought up from the basement, with post-it notes proclaiming DEAD or TRASH. These were all taken to the City’s e-waste recycling at nearby Domino lane. There is now room in the basement for bikes and bins of bike parts.
    • Voter registration forms were found all over the premises, filled up 5 liquor store boxes and were put out for curbside recycling.
    • Numerous clipboards were given away to whoever wanted them – to children, to retirees, and to a local non-profit.
    • Donated furniture was donated back to a local school as well as through PhillyFreecycle. A couple of the folding chairs will be used by the PHEW crew for a lunch break in our backyard.
  2. a Doctors office – circa 2000-2005
    • the heavy physician’s pelvic examination table from 1981 could not be passed on through PhillyFreecycle or the local Craigslist, nor through our network of friends in neighborhood clinics. We even considered using it as a work table in our repair shop, but eventually disassembled it to elemental components and disposed of; the particleboard to dump; metals to scrap yard; light fixture to architectural salvage shop opening in Mt Airy; drawer bins to be used in our shop for sorting bike parts. This freed up much needed space in our rear “box” room.
    • A non-functioning heart-monitor-type machine was a puzzlement to me, but Afshin dismantled the electronic hardware for e-waste recycling and is planning to use the wheeled base in our repair shop.
    • Hand wash sinks will be sold to new architectural salvage shop.
  3. the Hot Topics Info Cafe, touted as Philadelphia’s premiere coffee house – circa 1995-1999
    • Evidence of this was the plumbing in our showroom space which is probably where they had the coffee machines and sinks. Versatile Afshin capped the pipes in the basement, and traded the extra pieces of copper for some greenbacks at the local scrap yard.
    • In the basement was an espresso machine and Bunn-o-matic coffee machine, both to be revived at Cosmic Foods new cafe at Lloyd Hall.
    • Cake stands were taken to the local thrift store; flavored syrups were still good, I tried some!. Any suggestions before they get poured down the drain?
    • The receipts got recycled, the rusty cash register taken for e-waste recycling, and
    • the box of assorted teas (still good) is being savored by the PHEW crew daily! Stop by for a taste of these, or some freshly brewed mint tea with local honey.

In the last month, we made at least 7 trips to the transfer station in our little car, each time with a mix of debris and recyclables.  We’re ready to leave the car at home and get to work on a bike. Are you?

2 thoughts on “PHEW re-opens at new digs on the Avenue

  1. Hey, it´s Anthony, weighing in from the bottom half of the world! Good to hear about the new space, and I´m sure the air conditioning will come in handy in due time. Good luck for the upcoming season- I may find the time to visit philly in the coming months so keep and eye out for me!


  2. So glad to hear you are well and still close by! See you when the snowshoes are safely stored away again and my bike sings through the woods on my way to work.


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