Introducing the Stromer electric bike – Swiss Born – Precision Built

Philly Electric Wheels – PHEW! now carries the Stromer – an electric bike with designed in Switzerland, with the precision you’d expect.

The 36 volt 10 amp hour battery is encased within the frame, making this electric-assist bike look more like a bike. Recharge it while it remains inside the bike, or bring the battery inside to a power source.

Offering pedal-assist as well as throttle, the Stromer can take you far.   With the 600 watt motor and pedal-assist, you can travel between 45 and 60 miles per charge. You’ll be amazed at how quietly the motor hums.

The Stromer is one of the few electric-assist bikes offering a range of frame sizes and types, all in aluminum. With the 8-speed Shimano Alivio derailleur, Avid BB disc brakes on front and rear, and weighing 62 lbs, this bike offers rugged performance in all weather.   Both the step-through and crossbar models are offered in 15.5″, 17.5″ and 20″ frames, with an additional 22″ option for the crossbar frame.

Color choices have been kept to a minimum – black or white.

The accessories are also kept to a minimum, allowing you to select fenders, racks and lighting of your choice.

Stop by PHEW! for a test ride. You’re sure to be wowed!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Stromer electric bike – Swiss Born – Precision Built

  1. Just took it out for a test spin and was impressed with the crisp shifting, quick brakes and silent power, which was only there when I needed it. The Stromer had me gliding through the hills and glad to be outdoors on this fall afternoon.

    All the cables – gear, brake and electric-assist – seem to be neatly tucked inside the frame so you only handle the frame as you wheel the bike in & out of the house.

    Now to install a computer and see if it’ll indeed go 60 miles on a full charge!


  2. A customer recently wrote in with this…”My Stromer and I are having a love affair! The overall ride is very smooth and balanced. Even though the bike weighs in at 62 pounds, it’s not unwieldy. The powerful pedal assist offers a huge boost when crossing over busy intersections! The POD [power on demand] also works well and provides just the right amount of power when cruising up hills. For me, I don’t mind the 20mph speed limit because it is not about how fast I get there. In fact, my commute to work has actually become the best part of my day! Buying an electric bike, specifically the Stromer, has definitely enhanced my joy of riding. Thanks again for your fantastic customer service.”

    I couldn’t agree more with her statement about busy intersections. Electric-assist bikes have, more than anything, built up my confidence to ride in day-to-day traffic.


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