the PHEW crew for Spring 2012

Meet the PHEW Crew for this season… shown here are Afshin, Shahriar, Harvey, Jim & Meenal.

Afshin can be found at the shop at all hours, transforming into the sales manager, the purchasing guy, the e-bike specialist, the carpenter putting up shelving, and in a pinch, also the mechanic.

Shahriar is our mechanic in training.  A recent immigrant, he’s still shy about speaking in English.

Harvey, our seasoned mechanic, comes to PHEW on his days off from Exton Bikes, bringing a passion in restoring old bikes and a curiousity about e-bikes.

Our head wrench Jim gets called on for the tricky repairs.

Meenal handles the finance, and is often to be found on the sales floor encouraging other women to ride.

Someone not in the picture is You. PHEW needs another skilled bike mechanic and it could be You! Please call 215.821.9266.