PHEW! a neighborhood bike shop for Mt Airy

We’ve been quite busy this spring, attending to customers discovering us through our website or word of mouth. This morning, we got a love note in the mail. Yes, hand-written by a customer and hand-delivered by the mailman.  In essence, it said

I’m delighted with your work on my old friend of 37 years which has me happily spinning along again.  I feel great comfort in finding people I can trust. Thank you for rejuvenating my old friend for another 37 years.  Next time, charge me more for your services.  You deserve it.

A moment to share. And to pause, recognizing that we’re not just selling new electric-assist bikes, but also offering outstanding service from a tiny independently-owned shop.  That we’re offering something the big box stores never can: a long-term relationship with our customers, where we know not only their bikes but also their families.

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