The Yuba Mundo – now with BionX-assist

Having drooled over the Yuba Mundo for the past year, when their rep Riley visited us last week, one ride around the block cinched it. PHEW! is now a Yuba dealer.

What is a Yuba? A very comfortable bike designed to carry cargo AND passengers.  A fresh-baked rhubarb crisp was delivered on the front basket of our recent acquisition, which can hold upto 55 lbs. 

Knowing that the bike’s cargo capacity, on top of the rider’s weight, is 440 lbs, Afshin took my brother & 10 year old son for a ride around the neighborhood.

He even pedaled to the local Acme for some  ice cream, with an adult friend in tow.  The bike is fun to watch and even more fun to ride.  

Yesterday, we added the BionX electric-assist system to the Yuba Mundo. I skittishly got onto the rear rack, and let him pedal me up to Chestnut Hill for dinner. The return ride home in the summer night was lovely, hardly breaking a sweat and quietly enjoying the scents of the evening.

Look out for the blue Yuba in Mt Airy, hauling people & picking up cool re-usables left along the curb. And next week, in service at the Occupy National Gathering at Independence Mall!