First Annual Blessing of the Bikes

Rev Aisha, pastor at Mt Airy Presbyterian Church, led the region’s First Annual Blessing of the Bikes yesterday. 

Blessing of the Bikes is an event that originated at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City in 1999, traveled to Baldwin Michigan, and discovered by Brent of the Mt Airy Presbyterian Church. A full history of this event can be found here.

We prayed in unison to

  • …empower us to honor the legacy  of the Earth’s abundance
  • …help us build communities that are safe & healthy for every being created
  • …inspire us to envision societies that will sustain life for generations to come
  • …may these riders be kept safe,
  • …may their lives further reflect commitment to stewardship
  • … and may the wind blowing through their hair and on their faces ever remind them of you

And it got better.

Present in a world groaning under the excesses of consumption, we acknowledged the simple beauty of the bicycle. Present in the community of beautiful diversity, we asked for protection and blessing on all who ride: pedi cabbies, weekend warriors, athletes, students, children, eco-warriors, anarchists, bike messengers and all others who take to the streets of Philadelphia.

A beautiful morning indeed as cyclists pedal into their week.