the 2013 Trek T80+ electric bike

trek_t80Got to try out the Trek T80+, an electric bike designed in Switzerland for Trek.  Still offering 4 levels of pedal-assist with the BionX system, I’m thrilled that it only has 7 speeds.  With electric-assist, and particularly for urban riding, we’ve found that there really isn’t a need for 21, 24 or 27 speeds.  This one change alone will give the T80+ more appeal to the casual rider. Omitting the front derailleur also makes the bike a little lighter.

The console, where you control the electronics, has seen significant improvements.  It has a smaller physical dimension (freeing up more of that precious real estate on the handlebar for drinks cups, phone mounts, lights, tote bags, etc), the speed & trip meter are easily read from an  upright position, with the assist/regenerate settings made compact and tucked nicely to the side.

The front shocks and seat suspension add to the comfort, as do the curved handlebars which means you’re sitting upright during the ride – easier to see traffic and easier on the wrists, shoulders & back.

For a Dutch bike look and a bit more urban appeal, the T80+ sports a chain guard.  A future version, we hope, will include fenders.

With one of the lowest step-thru heights, this bike is a breeze to get on & off  – essential for those of us in non-cycling attire or a little less flexible.  Stop by PHEW! for a test ride…