Easy Emotion Neo e-bikes= Quality + Reliability + Dependability + Innovation + Value

After months of waiting for it, we finally received a BH Easy Motion Jumber.  The moment it came out of the box, we were in love… with this good looking bike with nice curves and a great color contrast.  It was even a pleasure to assemble it, says Zachary.  Returning from his first test ride on the Jumper, Zachary reported that the bike was “superb without power assist, and out of this world with the assist enabled”.


I’d intended to take this baby out for a spin myself, but before I knew it, Harvey had adjusted the pressure on the Jumper’s Suntour Epicon Lord 120 rear shocks for his weight and was off – test riding it.  Upon his return, Harvey proclaimed … “in his over 30 years of working on bikes, he’d never imagined an electric bike could be so well conceived, well executed and so playful”, adding that he’d love to be able to take the Jumper for a longer ride just as a bike, and using the assist to get back when he tired himself on the trails.  I wish I had a camera to capture his smile.

I better take this for a test spin before a customer decides to take it home…