A Bicycle Trailer for Everyone

Available now at PHEW for those looking to add part-time utility to their bicycle is a new bicycle trailer made by Maya Cycle. The Maya Cycle Bicycle trailer is a single wheel trailer that quickly attaches to the rear axle of any road or mountain bike.

Easily attachable and detachable, the Maya Cycle trailer can be secured to your bike for errands and later detached for simpler riding. The Maya Cycle trailer is a low-slung flatbed design with a rectangular deck for easy loading of boxes, coolers, cases of beer, plastic storage totes, pet carriers, and statuary. Included with every Maya Cycle trailer is a function specific bag made of water-resistant nylon that holds up to 60 liters of stuff and provides a sheltered and secure method of carrying bags of groceries or any other small luggage.Image

The Maya Cycle trailer has some specific design features that we at PHEW appreciate and are not immediately evident. The list includes its single wheel design, its low-slung carrying deck, its built-in double kickstand, and its innovative convertible handles. A single wheel is the minimum a trailer can have (excepting hover-trailers). Other available bicycle trailer designs utilize two or four wheels with advantages in weight carrying capacity and loaded stability. However, these designs are generally heavier, they have a wider footprint than a bike, and have a steeper learning curve associated with navigating turns and narrow passages. A single wheel design like the Maya Cycle tracks directly behind your bicycle wheel with virtually no increase in turning radius and when unloaded, no noticeable handling drawbacks. The low carrying deck of the Maya Cycle trailer keeps the weight of your cargo lower than any other commercially available method. It is lower than other trailers, lower than panniers, and much lower than a milk crate on a bike rack. Over rough terrain, over bumpy roads, and through all sorts of turns, a lower load means less leverage pulling on your bike, predictable handling, and no unnerving downhill handling. The Maya Cycle built-in kickstand is not much to look at, however it’s there when you need it and folds away when you don’t. This kickstand is exceptional in its ability to hold your entire bike upright, which is surprising useful. Finally, the kickstand really shines when the Maya Cycle trailer is detached from the bicycle, because the convertible side handles swing around so that the trailer can be used as a wheelbarrow! Perfect for trucking cargo those last few yards.


The Maya Cycle trailer is strong enough for any load you would want to pull behind your bicycle as it is rated to carry 66lbs. The Maya Cycle trailer is light and small enough to be appropriate for in-town grocery getting, and it is sturdy and versatile enough to be used for bike camping, loaded touring, and general adventures.

The Maya Cycle trailer is in stock and available at PHEW 7153 Sprague Street in Mt. Airy.

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  1. I’ve had my Maya trailer for 2 years, & just love it! I hook it on around 2 – 3 times a month to carry large loads of shopping, huge bags of pet litter, sometimes a cat carrier. It’s one more item that makes living carless in the city possible.


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