Come and test ride Stromer ST1 Elite at our store

What is new with Stromer ST1 (2013 model)

Since early last September there have been rumors about the 2013 Stromer ST1 electric bike. Searching magazines, the internet and our contacts for more about this bike, all we could tell when inquired about this bike was based on our one test ride of a pre-production ST1 at InterBike in Las Vegas. This week, our BMC rep Liam O’Brien brought a demo production unit to our shop, and we’ve more to share.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We believe the ST1 to be a robust product; compared to the 2012 model, the new ST1 has a better pedal-to-motor response. The new frame geometry feels more comfortable; the front carbon fork makes the bike feel more like a regular bike and offers better steering. The Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires are a big improvement over the Maxxis 26×1.75. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The throttle has been removed completely, makin the instrumentation? CONSOLE much simpler. The LCD digital console has been moved to the right hand side; we can certainly move it if preferred by left-handed folk.

The 11.5Ah battery has 10% more power than the 2012 model’s 10Ah, offering a longer range. A 14Ah battery for a longer range would run $799. Branding on the frame is more elegant.

Stromer ST1 Elite in black or white are in the warehouse. Next shipment will only have Platinum bikes in black, red and white, which are designed to go up to 30mph.  ST1’s are selling like hot cakes.
The Buyers Guide in the April issue of Bicycling magazine wraps up their review with: “Buy it if you’re looking to speed up your commute – and have fun along the way”. Check out their review, then go to your nearest Stromer dealer and ask for a test ride on this irresistible electric bike.

So to all those people who have called us about the ST1, we’ve got the model comparison in a table. We’re again stressing that nothing is quite like riding this bike yourself.


Stromer ST1 Elite under the rain


Simpler lettering on the frame make the bike very attractive


Still raining but we took the bike for test ride, it handles the wet road very well


Drops of rain on the handle bar