E-Zip Trailz sets the standard for opening price point in electric bicycles

Currie Tech is one of the first companies to bring to market electric bicycles and scooters, now more than 15 years ago.  Currie is also one of the largest suppliers of electric bikes in North America.

At $599, the Currie E-Zip Trailz sets the standard for opening price point in electric-assist bikes.

The TrailZ is getting more people back on a bicycle. It’s easy to use, a sheer pleasure to ride. Powered by Currie’s Electro-Drive® system, the rider gets to choose either power on demand (throttle mode), or pedal assist with throttle override.  It’s the perfect bike for many uses from recreation to transportation. Its powerful Currie Electro-Drive® system has 450 watts of power that provides plenty of torque to level hills and is powered by a sealed lead acid Currie_E_Zip_TrailZ_Black(SLA) battery pack that can easily be removed for charging or swapping. It can travel 15-22 miles with normal pedaling or about 10-15 miles with no pedaling at all at speeds of 15+ mph. You can easily double that range by adding an optional second battery pack for $129.

At PHEW!, we can re-pack your spent batteries to keep your Trailz going.  A great deal to buying new batteries. Also at PHEW!, we can upgrade tires & tubes on the Trailz so you’d never get a flat.  Both models of the Trailz are in stock and waiting for test rides.