Year of cargo bikes for personal, family and business

This will be the year for cargo bikes with both the New York Times and the Wall Street covering them in the same week.

The Times article, on July 7th, is In Cargo Delivery, the Three-Wheelers That Could.

The Journal article, 2 days earlier, is Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon, winning over casual and avid cyclists alike with one super-size feature: the ability to haul it all—from the groceries to the family that eats them.

Turns out PHEW! is a dealer for the Yuba, Xtracycle & Trek cargo bikes mentioned in the WSJ article and has demo bikes in our showroom. Also at  PHEW!, you’ll find the Burley Flatbed, the Burley Nomad, the Maya Cycle and Bikes at Work cargo bike trailers which can be outfitted on any bike. Stop by to try one out for cargo hauling needs.

If you want to carry your groceries home,  take your kids to school or move your refrigerator, we have the bike trailer for you.  With option to purchase or rent.