New BionX Products for 2014

BionX has introduced a range of new and improved products and accessories for the 2014 model year. These new products will help BionX continue to grow its position as an industry leader in the world of e-bike systems and related accessory products.

1) D-Series:
Following the slogan “slim, sleek and powerful”, the aim was to create a motor suitable for the e-MTB market – the largest growing segment in both the pedelec as well as the overall bicycle market. By increasing the diameter of the motor, while at the same time reducing its width and making the cover non-structural, BionX was able to achieve a 250% increase in power output at steady state, while reducing the motor’s weight. In fact this slim, sleek motor has a power-to-weight ratio that is unmatched in the e-bike industry. This product will be seen in number of bicycle manufactures. (Not avavibale as a kit in US)

2) New Rear Rack:
In cooperation with Racktime® the brand new BionX rear rack was designed specifically for our RR battery, and is available with all new 2014 BionX rear rack systems. Constructed from high-strength aluminum, the new rack is stiffer and more robust, features optimized cable routing, and, for the first time, is compatible with many add-on accessories from Racktime®. Available in both silver and black, the new BionX rear rack will make a stylish and convenient addition to any bicycle.

3) Center Console Mount:
The new BionX center console mount positions the BionX console directly in the center of the rider‘s field of view for optimal visibility. It also allows for greater adjustability of the angle of the console, and frees up space on the handlebars. Available as an accessory for all 2014 BionX systems.

4) Cassette Motor:
Select 2014 BionX motors will come equipped with a new cassette body. This will aid in delivering even smoother and more seamless electric assistance to the rider, along with more precise shifting, all with the proven strain gauge sensoring on the axle of the rear wheel that BionX is known for.

5) Deep Sleep Mode:
All 2014 BionX 48V batteries are now equipped with a “Deep Sleep” function, which acts as a method of energy preservation. Depending on the battery state of charge, as well as inactivity, the battery automatically puts itself into “Deep Sleep” mode – resulting in no energy consumption during stand by. This enables shelf life of at least 18 months for a fully charged battery. To activate the battery from “Deep Sleep” simply connect the battery to the 26V BionX power supply.

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