Sun charged fans, now at PHEW!

I’ve enjoyed having my friends Matt & Pete here this week.  Matt Weaver, of Education & Mindfulness, designed the dedicated PV (photovoltaic) system to power 3 ceiling fans.  The panels and charge controller were purchased from the AltE Store.  After several trips to the local hardware store and borrowing a ladder from John Siemiarowski of Electrical Wizardry, the panels were mounted last evening.


The fans were recommended by our friend Jonas Biers and ordered from Missouri Wind and Solar.  And installed by dear friend Pete Tridish, who’s known for installing low power community radio stations and often climbs radio towers.

pete fan1 pete fan2

So along with a glass of cold water,  you’ll also enjoy a breeze from our sun charged fans after your electric test rides. Stop on by… at 7153 Sprague St, Philadelphia PA 19119.

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