Oh, what a feeling!

The solar-charged fans are humming away, adding such a lightness to the air.spinning fans

It’s been fun showing the blinking lights on the Morningstar charge controller (which, by the way, is a Newtown PA company) to children and adults alike:mattcontroller

  • the sun indicator went from steady, blinking yellow or off meaning it’s sunny, partly sunny or dark!
  • the battery indicator ranges from green, yellow, blinking red or red, which means the battery is fully charged, partly charged, being drained, or fully drained.

The children were wowed, and excited to discover that the future is now.

Last evening the fans spun past sundown, till almost 9 o’clock.  This morning they began spinning at 9:45.

For us at PHEW!, we hope to use the air conditioner much less, what with our most recent bill of over $350, has been a peak usage month for us.

Now to have Matt add an outlet so customers can stop in and top up their e-bike charge! Harvey would like to see it power a coffee pot in the winter months. Thoughts?

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