Trek T80+, reviewed


Have you ridden an e-bike? Then you know the goofy grin that alights on your face when you shift into Assist mode. All of a sudden you have a superpower. Your every step is lightning. The Trek T80+ is like that.

The T80+ is my first e-bike experience, as you can probably tell. I was concerned that riding an e-bike would feel different than riding a regular bike, and I was worried about the handling. Let me tell you, I felt joyfully at ease as I whizzed along my neighborhood streets! Riding the T80+ felt like riding a regular bike, but cranked up to eleven. The ride was smooth and very comfortable. Whenever I needed a lift, I just switched on Assist mode and the hills magically flattened out. I seriously plan to try riding up a Pocono next, just to see how it feels.

This 21-speed bike is basically a Prius. It has a readout on the handlebar that tells you how much battery life you’ve got, how much Assist you’re using, and how much you’re charging the battery, as well as how far you’ve ridden. (Don’t forget to reset the Distance button, or you might start to wonder if the Assist mode has made you go on fast forward.) One cool feature of the electronic array is that while you’re in Assist mode, when you engage the rear brake, it automatically switches to charging the battery. When you let go of the brake, it goes back to Assisting you. This is nice for when you’re braking on a downhill, for example.

And yeah, what about charging the battery? You could plug it in to the wall, but you can also charge up and give yourself an extra workout at the same time, by adjusting the setting in Assist mode. You’re basically just putting more drag on those sleek Schwalbe tires, so it’s more work to pedal. I tried this at all four levels of difficulty, and I can attest that it is, indeed, more of a workout!


The Trek T80+ is built in Germany, and as such, has an amazing European feature. Ladies and gentlemen, the built-in bike lock! After you stop your bike, you just take out the key, and the bike won’t move. Now, could someone come along and throw your bike into their pickup? Yes. But without that key, they’ll never be able to ride it, so what would be the point? Modern life, solved. Now, onto more pressing problems like climate change.

The motor system on this bike is made by BionX to Trek specifications, and if you’re familiar with the world of e-bikes, you’ll have heard of this brand. BionX has been our best-selling e-bike motor system for several years now. BionX motor systems are popular for their quickness and ridability as well as their reliability and longivity. BionX motor systems are also very adaptable: we have installed them in bikes of every size and style over the years, and our customers are consistently content.  One improvement on this year’s model is that the battery has been redesigned, so it is easier to take off, and thus easier to charge and maintain. IMG_1348


Another imIMG_1349provement is that the wire cable connections have been reduced for increased reliability. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to ride this thing?!

There are many Trek bike shops in the country, and there are quite a few e-bike shops nowadays as well. But the Trek shops mostly don’t sell e-bikes, and the other e-bike shops are not allowed to sell Trek e-bikes. Philly Electric Wheels is that serendipitous combination of both. We have a full selection of the T80+ in stock, and the price has been lowered, so come on down and take a test-ride today! You’ll get that grin on your face just like I did.

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