solar charging station at PHEW!

There’s a new charging station at PHEW now!  Using yesterday’s sun-drenched solar panels, we’re charging our bike lights & mobile phones for the rain-drenched ride home tonight.

Seeing as how we hardly used the solar powered ceiling fans, we decided we’d like to use the abundant radiant energy for our other energy needs. So we asked our friends Matt & Pete, who happily installed a converter (to bring the power from 24 to 12v DC) and an inverter (to give us AC power with standard outlets & a USB port) today.  And when they finished up the installation this afternoon, they topped off the charge on their cordless drill and mobile phones.

With a 240 watt capacity, this system can power most small devices, such as USB rechargeable bike lights, mobile phones, laptops, even e-bikes. Stop in with your e-bike & charger and check out the new PHEW solar charging station!

Am discovering more and more low power devices around the shop: the glue gun, the cordless phone (2W), the laptop (45W), cordless vacuum cleaner (3W)…