the Bafang mid-drive motors on a PHEW! bikes

We realized we’re installing the Bafang mid-drive motor on quite a few bikes, each quite unique.

bafang + montague parFor quite a while, we’ve showcased the Bafang motor on a demo Montague Paratrooper, a full size folding mountain bike. With a 750W motor and a 53V 16A battery, this one’s a hill climber and has a 65 mile range.

More recently, we decided to install the Bafang motor on a city bike. The Breezer Uptown EX. A fine bike with 8 speeds, an upright posture and fitted witbreezer uptownh fenders and rack. And now with a 750W motor and a 48V 11A battery, it’s a super comfortable bike for touring as well as around town.

When a family from Europe had their Dutch Urban Arrow uncrated at our door, and asked urban arrowabout electrifying it, they chose the same mid-drive motor.  The same hill climber motor morphed into a family SUV to bring along baby & dog on errands.  In our tests, it also held up well with a 300 lb man as cargo!

Most recently, we decided to install a toned down version (only 350w fuji declmotor and a smaller battery) on a Fuji Declaration.  A single speed bike with 5 levels of pedal assist and ample throttle to keep up with traffic, it weighs in under 38 lbs. One of the more affordable, full-size and light-weight electric bikes, I do believe!

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