Glow in the dark bikes…I likes!

I’ve often wondered why new bikes aren’t designed with reflective paint.  I realize many people like matte black bikes for that stealth factor, but most of us commuters just want to be seen.

There is one company, Mission Bicycle Company in San Francisco, that offers a custom bike with a reflective coating. Check out their Lumen.

For the rest of us with bikes we already own and love,  I learned of Hub Powder Works (another woman-owned company) in Boston via this Grist Magazine article: Night Proof Your Bike by Turning it into a Giant Reflector.8255813207_cd8fcbf6d3_z

You send Hub Powder Works your frame. They powder-coat it with the same reflective coating as Mission Bicycle Company.

As a bike retailer, I’d love to see mass produced commuter bikes; i.e. more affordable bikes, come with such a reflective paint.  Matte black feels so passé. If you’re a bike designer and considering this, it seems Halo Coatings is the supplier of the retro-reflective coating solutions for both Mission & Hub.