Spring’s here

It may not have felt like it this morning when you were chipping away at the ice, but spring is here. Outside our shop, I see ice melt trickling down the street.

Spring’s definitely here.

And we’d like to announce the following:

1. Open again on Mondays. Yup, it’s the end of the 2-day weekends that we enjoyed during January & February.  Now, the only day the shop’s closed is Sunday.

2. Early (real early) drop-off on Thursdays.   To support all you riders, we’re open early on Thursdays. Like from 6 till 8am.  So you can drop off your bike as you head to work.  And pick up on your way home. If running late for the train, text us and we’ll meet you at either Sedgwick or Mt Airy station to take the bike off your hands. 215.821.9266.

3. We have a new team member, Richard. Richard will greet you, write up your repair ticket, make sure you’ve got some coffee or water, and, you’ve been warned, try to sell you a bike!

Stop on by. Spring’s here. We’ve missed you.