Better Mobility @ Phila Mayoral Forum Thu 3/19

It’s almost here, folks. In two weeks, Philadelphia’s mayoral candidates will gather at the Friends Center in Center City, Philadelphia, to discuss those issues near and dear to you and us: Mobility.

The forum, moderated by Philadelphia Magazine Deputy Editor Patrick Kerkstra, will feature specific questions about bicycle use, pedestrians, public transportation, and related issues.

Together, we can make mobility a priority for our next mayor—if the candidates see how serious we are.

And whether or not all the candidates agree to our platform, Better mobility 2015 will tell us where they stand, and whether or not they deserve our vote.

That’s why we need you to RSVP, and come to the Friends Center on March 19 at 6pm. If the candidates see how many of us there are, and how serious we are, we can make a real change in Philadelphia.

When you make your presence known on March 19th, every Philadelphia mayoral candidate will understand that we want safer streets, protected bike lanes, a better street paving schedule, better public transit, and a focused bike share effort.

Come out and help us make it happen.