the Felt SPORTe, whatta bike!

When people come into our shop, the Felt LEWBOWSKe fat e-bike is what gets all the attention. After which it’s the Haibike Xduro RX.  The unassuming Felt SPORTe remains on the sidelines, even though we believe it’s an excellently designed bike.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing a shortish female, I’ve chosen the 44cm mixed frame.  Switched the seat with a favorite of mine. Asked for a rack to make the bike more useful on a commute, and found that the folks at Felt have a fender & rack combo designed just for this bike, which also includes front & rear lights.  Yup, the lights are powered by the on-bike battery. The bike weighed 42 lbs. After the rack, fenders & light kit was installed, it was still under 45 lbs.

The controls are the standard Bosch controls. Which means a center console with on/off switch, light switch and info button.  And a left hand control letting you select between the 4 levels of assist and access to the info button, which cycles between displaying the odometer, the trip distance, the clock, the max speed, the average speed, the trip time and… range. All of which you may have seen on a bike computer, except for range. Specific to electric-assist bikes, the range tells you how far you can go on the selected assist level based on how much juice is in the battery. As an example, the trip distance is 19 miles, and at assist level of Eco, I can go 47 miles. More assist, shorter range. Perfect for those of us afflicted with range anxiety. As far as I know, displaying this calculated range is unique to Bosch e-bike systems.

The 10 speed trigger shifting (Shimano Deore XT) is crisp & perfect. Together with the 4 levels of assist offered by the Bosch system, this is a very easy to use and fun bike.  I could go for hours. And will, with an estimated range of almost 70 miles. Spring mornings, and here I go for a pre-work ride….