The Power Riders at Bike MS: City to Shore

2015bike_logoFor years, I’ve heard of a bike ride called Bike MS: City to Shore, from Philly to the Jersey shore. Although I own a bike shop, I rarely venture on group rides. And this one, with thousands of riders, of all ages and endurance, going the 150 mile distance, was unfathomable to someone happy enough with her daily rides to work and on local errands.

This year, encouraged by Eric Smith, I’ve stepped up to join a team that Eric set up: The Power Riders.

It’ll help to know that I own a shop specializing in electric-assist bikes & folding bikes. And that Eric is a long-time e-bike customer, and now friend.  Last year, Eric experienced the City to Shore ride for the first time. He had a blast, and later realized that his might have been the only electric-assist bike amongst the thousands that day.

So this year, we decided to create our own team, mainly for e-bike riders to experience the Bike MS: City to Shore ride. Own an e-bike? Join our team.  Think a little assist might be good, but don’t already own an ebike? Maybe you didn’t know that you could rent one from us for the day.  Just want to keep a friend company, but don’t think you need the assist? You can still join our team.

CTS_Map_2014_-_largerTerrified that I couldn’t possibly ride for 150 miles, I learned that most people
ride only on the first day. And can choose to ride 25 miles, 45 miles, 75 miles or
100 miles.  PHEW!  I know I can ride 25 miles, so I’ve signed up for the 45 mile ride.   Here’s a route map from last year.

I also found that each rider needs to register for this ride. And that registration costs you $65. Each rider is expected to raise at least $300, and it seems $750 is the average amount that each rider raised. Eric raised $1,600 last year, and has quickly surpassed that this year, so he tells me it’s easy.

When is this ride? Saturday Oct 3rd, 2015.  Save the date. And Join our Team!

Questions? Call 215.821.9266 or write info [at]