Fat eBikes Are for Everyone!

Some people shop for a comfortable, stable ride. Others go for an aggressive bike that they can take anywhere, from snowy trails to the most pot-holed city streets. Many riders want a bicycle that’s eye-catching and makes a statement.

Whether you’re a commuter or an adventurer, get yourself on an Electric Fat Bike and experience this rare combination of comfort and power. These bikes are for more than bush-whacking, and if you don’t believe me, stop into Philly Electric Wheels and take them for ride!

fat-bike-racing (1)


For the very best ride, try my personal favorite, the Felt Lebowske 20. With the nearly silent 350W Bosch Performance motor, if it weren’t for the speed and ease of riding, you might not know there were any motor at all.


The mid-drive system optimizes handling as does the hydraulic dropper seatpost. We can thank downhill cyclists for creating a market for this push-button seat adjustment that allows you to get the most torque for flat and uphill – or maneuverability for downhill – without interrupting your pedaling. For a hilly or bumpy commute, you’ll quickly discover why you don’t have to be an extreme adventurer to want a dropper seatpost.

Dropper Seatpost



Another favorite feature is the ability to turn the front shocks on or off with the touch of a button, optimizing power and comfort when changing terrain. During my own commute, I go from pavement to cobblestone and can quickly turn the front shocks on for those bumpy cobblestone stretches yet get the most out of my pedaling on well-paved streets.

If you prefer a rigid frame, Felt offers two options comparable to the Lebowske 20: the Lebowske 10, or, for those looking to carry more cargo, the Outfitter comes with both a front and rear rack. Properly installed racks can add up, so don’t forget these in your budget!


For riders who prefer a lower step-through, consider the Haibike FatSix. While I’m a Felt girl myself, some find the geometry of this bike preferable and are willing to give up the dropper seatpost. For the price shopper, Haibike’s late-year model transition can mean great closeout deals just as you’re gearing up for the spring riding season. For power versus handling, and for riders without budget concerns, future FatSix models will increase torque.