COVID-19 and the 2020 bike season

Our season typically starts in March. Despite a strong start this March, arrival of the coronavirus meant that I, Afshin, was the only person working at our shop. We got many inquiries about new bikes, and also about servicing dusty bikes in the garage.  By the end of April, most of our suppliers were reporting they were sold out of bikes retailing for less than $600.

Just when I was seeing a very strong demand, the virus found me — and kept me down for most of May. As I follow industry news, we hear of increased theft rates.

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To discourage theft, we recommend you secure your bike. First, keep the shed, garage or foyer — wherever you store your bikes — locked. Even then, do please lock your bike. If your wheels can be removed without tools, please remember to pass a cable thru each wheel as well as the frame, to ensure that the wheels remain with your bike!

Also, there are locks that sound an alarm when tampered with.

Word on the street is — bikes get stolen from homes, where people feel secure and don’t always lock up their bikes.

Please call your local bike shop for a product most suitable for you. Meanwhile, take a photo of your bike and jot down the bike’s serial number — in case you need to report a theft.


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  1. Hope you are well!! I Need to have my bike serviced…any idea when I can drop off.


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