Taking a hiatus

Philly Electric Wheels is taking a hiatus. This next week before the July 4th weekend will be our last week.

Please help us by reviewing our Products page and buying a bike! We’ll be here Monday through Thursday from 9 till 1. We have stopped accepting any bikes brought in for repairs.

After this week, we hope to put everything in storage and take a break, because It’s been hard to keep the shop running in these times.

image credit – https://smcnurseryatthepark.blogspot.com

If you need service, please consider one of these nearby shops for your non-electric and non-folding bicycles (kids bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, even strollers)…

Afshin may finally get some riding in… look out for him on the trails!

4 thoughts on “Taking a hiatus

  1. Good luck to you do you recommend anyone who can service my trek marlin e bike 48 volt Luna motor bike I bought from you 2 years ago thanks for any help ty.


  2. Afshin plans to service our current customers, like you Joe, in the fall. He needs a vacation, and we need to move to a smaller place. It’ll be in the same neighborhood as our current shop.


  3. Nooooooo!!! I literally JUST found out about you guys :-( I understand but damn. Maybe you guys can store things and take limited orders online without having the store open? IDK. I hope everything works out for you guys. <3


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