Philly Electric Wheels was started as a dream back in 2009. A dream to transform the way we get around within the city. Over the 10 years that we have sold and serviced electric bikes, we have been repeatedly asked whether we’re open on Sunday, which night we’re open late, and how early could someone drop off their bike for same-day service.

Wanting to support you, and maintain our high level of personal service, please note that we open up by appointment.

Whether you need help diagnosing a problem with your e-bike, want to bring your e-bike in for service, simply curious about e-bikes and want to ride one, please schedule an appointment before you head over.

And please note that yes, we could be available in the evenings and early mornings, if needed, given advance notice!

You can still text or call us at 215.821/9266, or email us at, or fill out our online contact form.

last update: May 23, 2020