Montague folding bikes, now at PHEW!

We're finally a dealer for Montague folding bikes. Never heard of them? Montague is known for full-size folding bikes, making them a good addition to our selection of folding bikes: Dahon, known for their quick fold; Xootr, beautifully designed & manufactured locally; & Origin8, well-priced bikes for around-town. The Montague bikes are rugged. Good to … Continue reading Montague folding bikes, now at PHEW!

Stromer digital console demystified

In today's shipment, we received the first of Stromer's digital console. With no English-language manual, we've documented the basics here. Setting the Time press  button to power on the console press both & buttons together at CODE prompt, set CODE from 0000 to 0001 using button to cycle thru the digits, and buttons to change selected … Continue reading Stromer digital console demystified

MIT’s Copenhagen Wheel: A new direction for electric bikes?

Recently MIT announced their new design for an electric assist bicycle wheel that has been getting a lot of press. Unlike most electric bicycles, which utilize a separate motor, battery, and controller, the Copenhagen wheel crams all three components into a sleek-looking housing in the bicycle's rear wheel. This eliminates the snaking wires and protruding … Continue reading MIT’s Copenhagen Wheel: A new direction for electric bikes?