A 10-speed Boomers can Age Gracefully with: the Trek Lift+ 

It’s been 5 years since we first read about the Shimano STEPS system.  And just last week, we received the first set of e-bikes with this system, which includes the center mount motor, battery and console designed by Shimano, and incorporated into some of Trek’s 2016 e-bike lineup: the Trek Lift+ and the Trek Conduit+. … Continue reading A 10-speed Boomers can Age Gracefully with: the Trek Lift+ 

Trek’s Electric Cargo Bike

Last week I wrote about Trek's Ride+ Bikes and looked in detail about their Bionx motor and controller system. Trek has also recently announced their electric-assist cargo bike, the Transport+. The Transport+ is what's called a 'longtail' cargo bike, namely because the rear of the frame has been extended to allow extra space for side-mounted … Continue reading Trek’s Electric Cargo Bike

Trek Ride+ In Depth

Back in March, we announced that we would carry Trek's Ride+ line of electric-assist bikes. In the last few months, the Ride+ bikes have proven themselves a consistent favorite among our customers and staff, with good reason. Trek bases their line on established standard bikes like the Valencia, FX and 7200 models, then adds a … Continue reading Trek Ride+ In Depth

We’re Now a Trek Ride Plus Dealer

It's official: starting in March Philly Electric Wheels will be stocking bikes from Trek's Ride+ electric assist bike line. Trek really did their homework in designing the bikes, and they all seem like excellent offerings. The electric technology is provide by Bionx, who design some of the best electric bike kits available. The bikes all … Continue reading We’re Now a Trek Ride Plus Dealer