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The best 5 sports apps, that will be useful for any bike lover

Sometimes it seems difficult not to miss details, in bike cycling such details can be crucial for your results and health. Here we have listed a TOp of 5 brilliant riding applications.

Strava: feel like a professional athlete

Without a doubt, Strava is the most popular cycling app and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Although Strava has yet to talk about the number of users of the app, it recently stated that it adds 1 million new members every 45 days. How it works:

  • after downloading the app, you first need to create a profile, where all your information is stored;
  • then you’re signed up, the necessary data is shared and it’s possible to automatically compete with other athletes when you log a run.

It tracks your speed, energy applied, results, new records, altitude, location, and route with GPS. It’s simple to keep an eye on personal effectiveness and compare them with like-minded fellows. You can set goals and challenges for yourself and your cycling friends, such as covering a certain number of kilometers in a certain number of days.

It’s also useful to see the different segments to see who went through them faster. For professionals, there is a paid version of Strava Summit that allows for a more profound view.

While Strava’s competitive aspect has its critics (some say the app promotes anti-social and excessive cycling competition).

Use Komoot and be closer to like-minded people

Komoot is an app for cyclists, runners, and hikers that allows users to explore regions, and plan and share different routes. The focus here is not on performance, although you can preselect a higher or lower fitness level depending on how challenging your run will be.

Bike lovers can choose from riding, mountain biking, and road biking for inspiration on how to ride, and when planning routes – the app automatically adapts the route to the type of trip you want to take.

The app aims to collect and offer new ideas for tours and routes to encourage users to get out and explore. These blogs include tips and photos from other users to give you an idea of what to expect when you travel. For professional athletes, there are also posts that recommend campsites and interesting content, such as swimming spots on the road and other interesting sights.

The app hasn’t ignored the social aspect too: it lets you chat with like-minded people and carry out your rides. It also lets you meet local bike lovers, i.e. users who know their local regions well and check their paths for additional inspiration.

Haven’t you tried Trailfork?

Whether you like mountain biking or gravel biking, a program for discovering new routes and off-roading is essential. There are several, but lots of riders really like Trailforks, a great application with content from the popular online mountain biking community.

This application is very useful thanks to several features: not only does it have access to thousands of kilometers of trails and routes specifically designed for mountain biking, but the maps also include:

  • topographical information;
  • points of interest;
  • the popularity of trails;
  • riding conditions;
  • rails;
  • more.

According to Trailforks, there are more than two hundreds trails in more than 95 countries. Users can add comments and photos to trails and bookmark the trail along the way. If you find a route you think is worth sharing, simply track your trip with GPS and upload it to the database, including any photos or information you think might be useful to other users.

The app also has a Discover Rides feature that gives you suggestions on where to ride near. If any emergency occurs, there’s even a ‘Share Location’ feature to send a current location via an URL or call to an emergency assistance feature that includes the latitude and longitude of your location in case you get into serious trouble. A great tool for those who ride bikes everywhere!

Everyone knows Google Maps

Although this is an app that everyone already has on their smartphone, the usefulness of Google Maps for cycling can’t be overstated. Anyone will tell you that Google Maps is indispensable – its coverage isn’t universal (yet), but if cycling only had one app on your smartphone, we’d vote for this one – we’ve certainly used it more than any other.

Your navigation can be incredibly powerful depending on where you are. Many countries have professional navigation for cyclists, often sticking to roads with obstacles and avoiding dangerous places.

Here is depicted topography (very useful for path planning), satellite imagery, traffic information, bike lanes, and public transportation. It’s easy to share locations here, download offline maps, and even check where you’ve been with the Your Timeline feature.

The Street View feature is also useful when you’re in unfamiliar places, helping you get to your destination, whether it’s a hotel, Airbnb, or something else, especially if you can’t read the language or simply ask for directions.

Of course, the usefulness of Google Maps depends on where you are – don’t expect incredible results all over the world, but in general, if there’s an essential app for bike riding, this is it.

Relive all your biking feelings

Relive is a great tool that gives you the opportunity to relive your experience. Just choose the type of activity and you’re done:

  • after tracking your activity using GPS;
  • the app creates a special video that you watch over and over again after your trip (usually it takes a few hours, but no, not immediately).

By using a 3D animation on a map that shows your route and interspersing the video with your photos or interesting places along the way, you can see your trip from a different perspective.

The results look fantastic – almost like a live TV cycling timeline, but for your personal rides – great for showing your friends where you’ve been keeping fit, especially if you’re going through many steep mountain passes! The map provides more information along the way, including top speed and elevation.

So what to choose?

Making a final decision is always up to you. Never forget about comfort and put an eye on the option that seems the most appropriate personally to you. Have good luck!