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By creating a training cycling plan, you can not only plan the whole cycling, but monitor progress, and achieve great physical and competitive targets.

There should be a balance among moderate-intensity cycling trainings, routes with high-intensity intervals, good nutrition, and places where you stick to minimal rest periods. If you incorporate these points, you will have a year full of physical and competitive success.

Write out a scheme of cycling training

Many experts agree that serial or interval training is one of the best ways to improve performance on the bike. The ordinary series consists of intense efforts for a short time, repeating them several times in short rest intervals.

The most difficult part is climbing the hills, as many can not stand the harshness of the slopes and therefore complete the climb with the bike in hand. The suitable goal can be to develop greater resistance during the climb, and for that, you should spend a few days a week performing strength endurance intervals.

But lifts are not the only option. You may also need to improve skills on flat terrain with a sprinting goal or in timed races, including short power work or long series.

This way perform two to three days a week, it is likely that within two to three months you will get good results on this type of terrain and you will not be as tired.

Don’t feed yourself bad food

You should change your nutritional regime, remembering that if you increase the number of training cycling sessions during the week, you must also increase the portions of food to meet the energy needs of the body.

To achieve serious goals stick to a diet based on a five-fold diet that includes a menu of fluids, vegetables, fruits, and, of course, proteins.

Build up a circle of breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Some healthy foods you can include are:

  • granola bars;
  • juice;
  • turkey ham;
  • yogurt;
  • sandwiches;
  • pasta;
  • meat;
  • chicken;
  • and so on.

As for hydration, keep in mind that it’s necessary to drink water or isotonic drinks every 15 minutes, consuming up to 500 ml for every hour of pedal rotation, which is a measure recommended by experts to avoid decompensation.

Make light cycling workouts on the weekend

After completing two to three days of serial or interval training per week, you can devote the weekend to rest and training a little. You should take moderate-intensity walks not force yourself to cycle. What does it mean to ride at moderate intensity?

This means completing routes that take about 3 hours or less and exerting yourself at a heart rate of 60% of maximum effort, which means that while performing you will also be able to have a natural and smooth conversation with fellow travelers.

All in all, believe and do!

Half of success is the wish to make efforts. So follow the tips below and enjoy cycling as well!